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Reform America, Inc.

Reform America Press Release


Patricia Tarabelsi, Chairwoman
Phone: 617-352-7872

New Program to be Leading Resource for Women Seeking Positive Change Through Political Participation and Activism in America

Washington, DC - January 25, 2001 - Reform America, an all-partisan non-profit organization devoted to developing the leadership skills of young Americans while engaging them and their peers in democratic reform movements, announced today the formation of a new taskforce devoted to directly involving young women in the political process. The "Women's Empowerment Initiative" is looking to increase the awareness of the dramatic statistics of the low number of elected women officials in our country.

The new initiative being developed by Reform America, Inc., is intended to raise awareness for young women to run for political office and become leading advocates for proactive political reform. Through this initiative, Reform America, Inc., is positioning the organization to be a leading resource for young women seeking to undertake active leadership roles in society and become positive role models and influential citizens. As an organization that proactively seeks quality changes for American society and the political process, Reform America, Inc., is currently increasing the organizations membership and driving strong political momentum for quality change throughout the United States.

"This is an opportunity for Reform America to narrow its scope but make an even greater difference in the democratic reform movement," says Thomas Bryer, executive director for Reform America, Inc. "With the number of women in elected office vastly unrepresentative of the number of women in the population it is only right that we reach out with a special program to encourage and promote participation among women in the political process."

"Reform America's goal in launching this aggressive initiative is to enable today's young women to be tomorrow's leading political influences and activists in promoting quality, proactive reform throughout American society," stated Patricia Tarabelsi, Chairwoman for Reform America, Inc. "Our new initiative will position Reform America as the leading advocate and resource for tomorrow's women leaders. If we can empower women to be positive role models, thought creators, influencers and motivators, Reform America and young women across this country will create and promote viable new policy initiatives to change tomorrow's America."


Reform America, Inc. (RAI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has been formed with the purpose of developing the leadership skills of young Americans while engaging the public in the political and voting process. RAI is committed to engaging the young people of America in a drive towards reforming the voting systems and other entrenched but undemocratic institutional procedures in the United States. RAI is determined to show the country that America's youth are ready to make a difference where it counts. For more information visit http://reformamericainc.org/

Reform America, Inc.