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Reform America, Inc.


With technology advances shaping every aspect of our individual and collective future life, it is only a matter of time before our democracy opens itself up to the power of advanced communication and other technological advancement. And this is a logical development of democracy, because this phenomenon came to us from Greece and changed, acquired other meanings, buy book report from https://specialessays.com/buy-book-reports/ to monitor changes in democracy and express your thoughts about of what it can become. How will these new technologies influence elections, initiative campaigns, access to government information, access to government service, and much more? There is a Call to Action for careful experimentation, along side continual innovation. Read the selections below, taken from Reform America, Inc.šs Journal: 21st Century Voter.

Internet Voting: Security Issues, Experimentation and Innovation, by Patricia Tarabelsi

Summary Report of the National Science Foundation Meeting on e-Voting, by Thomas Bryer

Report of the National Science Foundation/Internet Policy Institute on Internet Voting (an external link)