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Reform America, Inc.

Voting System Reform

We live in a republic. As such, we each have the responsibility to vote when called upon for our elected officials, who will make and shape public policy. Read more about the structure of the republic and about democracy in general on special resources where you can buy essays now and learn about those aspects that interest you most, or in general. Today many of our elected leaders are elected by slim majorities or mere pluralities. There is a Call to Action to increase the representative nature of our republic ­ to make our elected leaders more accountable and make our government more in tune with we the people. Read the selections below from Reform America, Inc.šs Journal: 21st Century Voter.

Democracy Pyramid

Testimony of Thomas Bryer Before the Maryland Senate Committee on Economic and Environmental Affairs. SB 233, to Implement Instant Runoff Voting Throughout Maryland.

First-Past-The-Post versus Instant Runoff Voting: A Move to Greater Representation, by Thomas Bryer

Approval Voting (an external link)

Electoral College Reform Options

Approval Voting: A Flawed Single Seat Election Method, by Donald Davison

Approval Voting in Municipal and County Elections, by Bart Ingles

An Experience Worth Knowing in PDF. This is a look at cumulative voting and the single transferable vote.

Just Another Election Fallacy