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Reform America, Inc.

Ballot Access Reform

In the State of Maryland, a new or minor political party needs to collect 10,000 signatures to get on the ballot. In order for a registered Maryland voter to sign a petition [read about this petition or on relevant sites, or ask for write my book review to highlight the main theses for you] to get a candidate on the ballot, he or she could not have voted in one of the major party primaries. Most States have similar hurdles and obstacles for minor parties and candidates to jump through and get past, resulting in limited voter choice. There is no public interest served by limiting choice on the ballot but instead voters are time and again insulted by the mindset that they could not understand or comprehend additional political choice. There is a Call to Action to open each and every ballot, fairly and equally, to expand voter choice and increase voter interest. Read the selections below, taken from Reform America, Inc.šs Journal: 21st Century Voter.

Ballot Access Barriers and Reform, by Ben Glover


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Reform America, Inc.