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Reform America, Inc.

It's Time for new independent politics in Maryland

As Printed in the Maryland Independent, July 25, 2001

Executive Director, Reform America

Now that we are well past the celebrations and fireworks of America's Independence Day, let us reflect on the state of our freedom and democracy in the United States, and in Maryland.

We have unparalleled freedoms that are accompanied by oft overstated rhetoric about those freedoms. We have unmatched choice . . . to those that offer the choices. We have unmet opportunity to make a difference in and for our country, but many of the tools are kept behind lock and key.

We have freedom to debate, unless we are running for office. We have unhindered choice on the ballot, unless we want to choose an alternative to the incumbent powers. We have the power of the vote to choose our elected representatives, but the vote is powerless if we don't vote for the single plurality winner.

In Maryland, it is time to end the double standards and dissonant rhetoric. I know many citizens in Southern Maryland and throughout the state that are ready and eager to embrace a new kind of independent political movement. This movement will create an energy to change the nature of politics and representation in Maryland: to make each individual vote powerful, to remove barricades to political choice and alternative voices, and to give way to a 21st century voter who is at the center of the meaning of the word "republic".

As our neighbors across the Potomac elect their next Governor let us here in Maryland start preparing for 2002 when we will have an opportunity to come together and call for a new independent politics.

A new energy with a true voice for each and every citizen. A new voting system called Instant Runoff Voting to give every vote meaning whether you prefer Democrat, Republican, Green, Libertarian, or the independent candidate. A new way of solving our community's problems. Take up the call in the shadow of our Independence Day for a new Independent Politics in Maryland.

Reform America, Inc.