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Reform America, Inc.

Reform Principles

Reform America, Inc.'s Reform Principles

Reform America realizes the contentious issues involved in much of the debate around campaign finance reform. Among those issues are: bans on soft money contributions to political parties from corporations, individuals, and unions; so-called "pay check protection" that requires unions to obtain authorization from each dues-paying member before spending those dues on any political activity; and restricting citizen groups and other interests from engaging in issue advocacy. You can explore each of the above phenomena separately, relying on the experience and knowledge of topwritingservice.com, as well as other supporting resources that are designed to improve your work. Reform America believes each of these issues need to be resolved, but at the same time we recognize that reform does not need to start here, nor should it end here. We believe that any reform should do one thing: support a diversified and open democratic process that is citizen centered and all partisan. Following President George W. Bush we offer now Reform America, Inc.'s Reform Principles on campaign finance reform.

Encourage Individuals to Use Their Right of Participation in Democracy: Reform America believes citizens are discouraged by the money and "politics as usual" rampant throughout the country. A citizen of modest means does not feel that her contribution can make any difference. Reform America supports encouraging individuals to participate in the political process by diminishing the importance of money in campaigns and increasing voter choice during the election season. Reform America supports accomplishing this goal by: 1) holding several multi-candidate, all-party debates that are diverse in format and location; 2) holding youth-sponsored multi-candidate, all-party debates; 3) reforming the voting method to the majority-win system, Instant Runoff Voting, which empowers voters to make a more honest and reasoned vote and discourages the use of negative campaign tactics by candidates; and 4) forbidding discrimination against any candidate from any or no political party in candidate debates, sponsored either privately or publicly.

Support the Competitive Growth of All Political Parties: Reform America believes political parties, through the hard work and passion displayed by the nation's diverse citizenry, are essential for the sound operation of America's democracy. Any reform should create a more perfect balance in the system between the two major parties and alternative or "third" political parties. Reformers should look as well at ballot access restrictions, candidate debate regulations, and the methods of voting used throughout the country.

Require Full and Prompt Disclosure: Full disclosure of all campaign contributions and expenditures should be made to all media outlets and be published instantaneously on government and candidate web sites.

Promote Fair and Balanced Reform: Reform should not favor any one party over another or incumbents over challengers or wealthy over less wealthy. This means that the playing field, when all laws are in place, should be open and equal for all candidates and clearly visible in the eyes of all voters.


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Reform America, Inc.