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Reform America, Inc.



Patricia Tarabelsi, Chair of the Board of Directors, is a senior at Boston University. Her accomplished political resume includes being Legislative Director for the College Democrats of America, being heavily involved in the Young Democrats of Massachusetts, and being involved in numerous political campaigns, including Kennedy for Senate. She is also an elected member of her Town Meeting, where she helps shape town policy and programming. Contact Patricia at

Benjamin Glover, Vice-Chair and Treasurer of the Board of Directors, hails from just north of beautiful Seattle. Ben loves Baseball, economics, "the game" of politics, and The Brother's Karamazov. Ben earned his BA in Business Administration (finance concentration) and Economics from Seattle Pacific University, where he excelled in the honors program. His political credentials include stints as the Program Manager for Economic Security 2000 and Project Director for The Foundation for Individual Responsibility and Social Trust. He is currently working in sales for Xerox. His other political involvement is as Treasurer and Assistant Campaign Manager for the Dan Anderson for State Legislature campaign. His goals including going back to school in the next three years and winning public office in five. Contact Ben at

Andre Mershon, Secretary of the Board of Directors, recently migrated to Seattle, Washington after receiving his degree in International Studies from American University in Washington, DC. He is currently the Program Assistant at Northwest Environment Watch, a small environmental think tank based in Seattle. In the near future, he plans to join the Peace Corps (serving in Africa) and attend graduate school. His interests include politics, economics, history, environmental issues, cycling, and travelling the world. Contact Andre at


Thomas Bryer, Executive Director, is the proud founder of Reform America, Inc. He has his BA in Political Science from American University in Washington, DC. In addition to his work with Reform America, Tom is on staff with the Council for Excellence in Government. He is also one of the chief architects of the Government Performance Coalition, which is a group of organizations and researchers whose ultimate goal is to enhance the overall quality of managing for results in the federal government. His experience leading up to this great endeavor includes serving as President of the Third Party League at American University and on the staff of the Electoral Reform Society in London, UK. Contact Tom at . See Tom's web site at http://www.thomasbryer.com.

Rachel Barkley, Associate Director, is originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She is currently a sophomore at Bryn Mawr College near Philadelphia, where she majors in political science. She debates in The American Parliamentary Debate Association and is a part of the fledgling Objectivist Club. Having grown up as one of the few non-Democrats who live near the Kennedy compound, she hopes to spread public knowledge of different political parties. Eventually, she will retire to Bermuda. Contact Rachel at

Jeff Glazer, Finance Director, has had a long interest in government. It is no surprise then to him that he chose to attend American University in Washington, DC. In 1999, he graduated with a BA in Political Science and plans to attend law school after some time off. During this break in between, Jeff has been helping others achieve their higher education goals by instructing students on how to take and score well on the the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). He also has been working as an account supervisor for a fortune 500 company. He is very proud to have recently been named the Finance Director for Reform America Inc., and looks forward to his new tasks ahead. In his free time, Jeff likes to read, spend time with his fiance and son, and perform as a mime (honest). Contact Jeff at

Jackie Fuller, Membership Director. is college graduate from Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. She studied Communications with an interest Theology. She is an alumna from Dunbar Senior High School and graduated from the Pre-Engineering program. Jackie has grown an interest in 3rd party/Independent politics after the election of Jesse Ventura for Governor of Minnesota. She served as a delegate to the Reform Party's National Convention in Dearborn, Michigan in 1999. In September 1999, she became the National College Reform Party's Public Relations Director and Web Designer. She was also the web designer for the DC Reform Party. She has also volunteer on various political organizations such as DC VOTE (The Coalition for DC Representation in Congress Education Fund--www.dcvote.org.) Contact Jackie at

Reform America, Inc.